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If you have any damage or decay to your teeth, it may be possible to fix the teeth without fully covering, concealing, or replacing them. One of the best dental treatment options for tooth restoration is dental bonding. Are you aware of the benefits and advantages that dental bonding can provide? To find out, take the following dental bonding quiz:

Dental bonding is a great service for which of the following?
a.) To improve the look and function of a tooth
b.) To repair and protect a tooth from decay and damage
c.) To help teeth that have minor spacing issues
d.) All of the above
Dental bonding works best for which of the following oral ailments?
a.) Dental bridges
b.) Missing teeth
c.) Stains and discolorations
d.) All of the above

True or False: Dental bonding can use clear materials to allow your natural teeth to shine through.
a.) True
b.) False

True or False: Dental bonding cannot repair or conceal stains.
a.) True
b.) False

Answer Key: d, c, a, b

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