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You might understand that having gaps in your pearly whites can be embarrassing. If you’d like to have these gaps replaced, there are several treatment options you should consider. For instance, if your gap is fairly small, you might need a veneer or bonding. If your gap is the result of a missing tooth, a dental restoration might work best for you. As you might know, there are several restoration options that might meet your needs, but when you’re choosing your ideal restoration, please remember to think about getting an implant.

Implants are also designed to enhance the appearance of your pearly whites. Dental implants are also made to blend with your smile. Like most restorations, implants will also help you chew comfortably and make pronouncing certain sounds easy again.

Unlike other restorations, implants are relatively easy to replace after they’re damaged. This restoration option is also very durable and many patients who choose implants can enjoy its benefits for several decades. This restoration is also easy to care for. All you’ll need to do to keep your implant strong is clean it regularly and schedule appointments with us. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of a dental implant in Flemington, New Jersey, please feel free to call Flemington Dental Arts at 908-788-1661. Dr. Guy M. Bennett and our team are eager to receive your call!