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A smile that has been affected by chronic dental stains and other physical imperfections can cause you to guard or alter some of your facial expressions. Instead of learning to live with a hampered sense of self-image, you should consider scheduling an appointment with Dr. Guy M. Bennett and his team.

After a thorough examination to determine the specific nature of the imperfections to your smile Dr. Guy M. Bennett will present you with a treatment strategy designed to improve or enhance your smile’s appearance. This might include one or more cosmetic dentistry applications.

If your teeth are free of physical imperfections, yet you have been struggling with chronic dental staining problems Dr. Guy M. Bennett might recommend administering a dental bleaching treatment, or installing dental veneers onto the faces of the teeth that appear in your smile.

A dental bleaching treatment is designed to safely remove dental stains from your tooth enamel without risking harm to your teeth or gums. Then he can also help you to identify the lifestyle factors to cut back on to prevent future dental stains from redeveloping.

Dental veneers are made from a special type of dental grade porcelain. They need to be created in a dental lab to fit over the face of each tooth in your smile. Once they have been cemented in place the dental will look like white tooth enamel.

The dental veneers will be more resistant to dental stains than your natural tooth enamel, which help make it easier for you to maintain your white smile.

If a single tooth has been significantly affected by a physical defect such as an existing dental fracture, newly developed cavity, or a discolored dental filling Dr. Guy M. Bennett might recommend restoring it with a porcelain dental crown.

If you live in the Flemington, New Jersey, area and you are uncomfortable with your smile’s appearance, you should call 908-788-1661 to explore the cosmetic dental options available at Flemington Dental Arts.